Dan Wilson

Software Engineer

I develop the mobile apps for Project FeederWatch and Project NestWatch. I’m driven to create the best possible experience for project participants so we can collect high quality data.

I’m inspired by the Cornell Lab’s mission to conserve bird populations. The data collected by citizen science projects can help shed light on how birds are doing, but also act as a barometer for broader environmental trends. I’m looking forward to continuing to help our project participants capture this important data.


BS, Computer Science, Siena College

Favorite Bird

While I love watching all the birds in my backyard, my favorite has to be the Downy Woodpecker that shows up from time to time. The way they shimmy up and down the trees is really fun to watch!

Man stands in front of a mountain range on a sunny day with blue skies and clouds.
Center Engagement in Science and Nature
Projects NestWatch, Project FeederWatch
Email dwilson@cornell.edu

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library