Leo Sack

Visitor Center & Library Specialist

I serve as the librarian for Adelson Library, which is part of the Cornell University Library system and also open to the public as part of the Cornell Lab’s Visitor Center. In addition, I answer questions from the public, host school field trip programs, enable live streaming for Monday Night Seminars, and assist with the Visitor Center front desk and behind-the-scenes tours. As part of the “public face” of the Lab, I am here to facilitate positive experiences for all of our library users and Lab visitors.

Before joining the Lab, I spent 15 years presenting environmental education and natural science education programs at various parks, museums, and nonprofit organizations in Ohio and Colorado. Over time, I became increasingly interested in facilitation-based, “guide on the side” approaches to education. Today, while I continue to directly engage with the public, I am exploring a role that is less about presenting and more about answering questions, providing resources, and facilitating visitors’ ability to enjoy their own explorations.


M.S., Space Studies and Science Teaching, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
B.Phil., Interdisciplinary Studies with focus in Environmental Education, Miami University of Ohio

Beyond the Lab

I am obsessed with empowering others to explore the natural world for themselves. At the Lab, you’ll never see me more excited than when I’m helping a beginning birder learn how to use binoculars, a spotting scope, a field guide, or an app. Outside the Lab, you’ll find me hosting hands-on stargazes and teaching aspiring astronomers how to read star charts and point telescopes at the night sky.


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