Paul Rodewald

Science Editor, Birds of the World

I’m a Science Editor in the Birds of the World project, an online resource that provides comprehensive life-history information for all bird species and families worldwide. I’m also a Senior Instructor in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell where I teach Field Biology, a field-based course in natural history for undergraduates in Environment & Sustainability.

Recent Publications

Koenig, W. D., E. L. Walters, and P. G. Rodewald (2017). Testing alternative hypotheses for the cause of population declines: The case of the Red-headed Woodpecker. The Condor 119:143–154.
Rodewald, P. G., M. B. Shumar, A. T. Boone, D. L. Slager, and J. McCormac (Editors) (2016). The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Ohio. The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, Pennsylvania.
Dossman, B. C., G. W. Mitchell, D. R. Norris, P. D. Taylor, C. G. Guglielmo, S. N. Matthews, and P. G. Rodewald (2016). The effects of wind and fuel stores on stopover departure behavior across a migratory barrier. Behavioral Ecology 27:567–574.
Slager, D. L., P. G. Rodewald, and P. J. Heglund (2015). Experimental effects of habitat type on the movement ecology and stopover duration of spring migrant Northern Waterthrushes (Parkesia noveboracensis). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 69:1809–1819.
van der Hoek, Y., A. M. Wilson, R. Renfrew, J. Walsh, P. G. Rodewald, J. Baldy, and L. L. Manne (2015). Regional variability in extinction thresholds for forest birds in the north-eastern United States: an examination of potential drivers using long-term breeding bird atlas datasets. Diversity and Distributions 21:686–697.
Paul Rodewald
Center Avian Population Studies
Projects Birds of the World

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