Migration Celebration 2023

This year, our Visitor Center is under renovation, but that won’t stop us from celebrating virtually!

Blue-winged Teal by Sharif Uddin/Macaulay Library

Each fall, we hold a Migration Celebration to mark the incredible journey of billions of birds across the skies. This year, our Visitor Center is under renovation, but that won’t stop us from celebrating virtually! Watch our recorded webinars, and check out ideas and resources for your own migration activities.

Recorded Webinars

Enjoy Migration With These Free Resources

In addition to watching our webinars and attending events, use these resources to keep up with migration in your own neighborhood. Right now is the peak of fall migration for many species, so don’t miss it! Here are some tools we think you’ll find useful for planning when to go birdwatching, knowing what you’re seeing, and keeping kids fascinated.

Discover Migrating Birds Near You

  • Merlin Bird ID: Our free Merlin Bird ID app can help you identify birds, tell you which birds to expect in your area today, and can even identify bird calls. Here’s more on how to get the most out of Merlin.
  • BirdCast: Each fall billions of birds make their way to the tropics—and our BirdCast project can let you know when pulses of heavy migration will be coming through your area. Learn how it all works in our recorded webinar with BirdCast project staff—then check the BirdCast migration forecasts and real-time reports! The new Migration Dashboard allows you to drill down to migration patterns at the local level!
  • eBird Status and Trends: Using bird observations from hundreds of thousands of eBird users, the eBird Status and Trends maps indicate species abundance and movements of birds across the globe. Use these maps to learn when specific bird species migrate through your area.

Migration Made Fun for Kids and Families

Go outside or explore online and discover more with these interactive ideas.

View the Flight & Migration slideshow
  • Slideshow and Activity Guide: Millions of birds are on their fall migration right now! What do you know about flight and migration? Follow along with this slideshow and activity guide and discover different aspects of flight and why migration is so cool. Craft and game ideas included for the whole family.
  • Paper Airplane Olympics: Create and test a variety of airplanes. Give awards for the plane that flies the farthest, straightest, and craziest! Discuss how wing shape affects flight.
  • Count Migrating Birds by Moonlight: Go outside with binoculars, a spotting scope, or a small telescope and count how many birds pass in front of the moon. Pro tip: Full moons this migration season will happen Sept. 29 and Oct. 28!
  • Make a Pledge to turn off your outdoor lights during migration. Read more from the Lights Out project and learn how light pollution harms migrating birds.
  • Family Bird Migration Obstacle Course: Set up a course and race each other through it! What natural and human-made obstacles might migrating birds encounter?

More to Read

A collection of articles to help you learn about migration, including fun facts and advances in research.

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library