Hubbard Brook

Hubbard Brook by Alisa Muniz

The Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest has been used as an outdoor laboratory for ecological studies since 1955. It consists of 3,160 ha of unbroken northern hardwood forest situated in the stunning White Mountain National Forest in central New Hampshire. It is administered by the USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, which has its headquarters in the Hubbard Brook valley.

Founded in 1963, the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study is one of the longest running and most comprehensive ecosystem studies in the world. The collaborative, multidisciplinary research efforts include long-term studies of air, water, soils, plants, and animals in the forest and associated aquatic ecosystems.

The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study is a unique public-private partnership involving the USDA Forest Service, the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program, the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, and scientists from research institutions throughout the country.

Mirror Lake by Sara Kaiser

Life at Hubbard Brook

Lakeside housing on the beautiful Likens Conservation Campus at Mirror Lake is reminiscent of summer camp, with plenty of outdoor activities directly outside your front door. Wake up to spectacular sunrises and go to bed with the nocturnal chorus of yodeling Common Loons.