Chloe Lam Ohmori (2016)

Chloe Lam Ohmori
Chloe Lam Ohmori

As a young girl, Chloe accompanied her mother on nature walks or bird watching tours, where the two would spend time together sketching ducks and wildlife. Through these experiences Chloe learned to express her appreciation for wildlife and species diversity through art. In college she studied birds and assisted with bird-banding research while also watching birds and taking reference photos whenever she had the chance. She then pursued a graduate program at the University of Washington in natural science illustration, where she was able to advance her skills in scientifically accurate traditional illustration, digital illustration, website-building, and photography—learning alongside avian photographer and artist Bart Rulon.

Chloe approaches illustration with the goal of educating people about their interactions with the wildlife around them. As a Bartels Science Illustrator, Chloe created drawings for a scientific paper, scientific illustrations of gull behaviors for Living Bird magazine, and graphics for Celebrate Urban Birds.

Online work

A Nobel Vision of Gulls (Living Bird, Summer 2016)