Evaristo Hernández Fernández (2010)

Evaristo Hernandes Fernandes
Evaristo Hernandes Fernandes

Evaristo is a biologist and self-taught artist from Mexico whose passion is birds. His careful and accurate painting style and his familiarity with western Mexico made him the ideal person to paint the Imperial Woodpecker for the cover of The Auk. (An article in this issue by Lab researcher Martjan Lammertink and colleagues described the only video of this species.) Evaristo also created many other paintings for the Lab, including portraits of several species of manakins, and guides to help in the identification of similar species. Evaristo now lives in Mexico, where he is pursuing an M.S. degree.

Watch the video explaining how Evaristo created a painting of the extinct Imperial Woodpecker for the cover of the October 2011 issue of The Auk magazine.

Watch this video about how Evaristo first got interested in art and nature and how that led him to pursue science.