Jen Lobo (2020)

Jen Lobo
Jen Lobo

Art has long been Jen Lobo’s primary tool for studying all manner of life forms, from birds to botanicals to reptiles. It continues to be a means of displaying her reverence and curiosity for the natural world. Her interest in animals and plants have driven her on a variety of ventures, from work with animal rescue organizations in Los Angeles, to raising sheep and llamas in rural Arizona, and to her current home on a small flower farm on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon, a birding destination of the PNW.

With work exhibited both nationally and internationally, Jen’s illustrations have appeared in The Portland Mercury, The Village Voice, and books including The Story of Pines, The Tall Trees of Portland, and To Come and Go Like Magic. She is interested in publishing opportunities and would like to find ways to bridge science illustration, education, and art in widely approachable applications.

Jen earned a BFA from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles before shifting her illustration career towards science-based work, with a particular focus on conservation and education. She attended the University of Washington and received a certificate in Natural Science Illustration. She is both humbled and thrilled to be working at the Lab with access to its vast collections and network of researchers.