Liz Wahid (2022)

Liz Wahid

Wildlife and environmental conservation have always been at the forefront of both Liz Wahid’s art and studies. She attended Cornell University where she continued to study fine art while earning a B.S. in Animal Science. It was through her involvement with the Cornell Raptor Program that she found a passion for ornithology, and while working for the Elephant Listening Project at the Cornell Lab, she became aware of the Bartels Science Illustration Program as well as a new career path in scientific illustration. After graduating from Cornell Liz focused on shifting her art into a more informative style and went on to attend the Graduate Science Illustration Program at California State University, Monterey Bay. She graduated in 2020 and has since been working as a freelance illustrator, completing avian illustrations for Scientific American, the National Audubon Society, and Black Birders Week.

The primary focus of Liz’s work is to spark curiosity for birds in hopes viewers will become more interested in the uniqueness of different species and more aware of conservation issues surrounding local avifauna. Her illustrations are inspired and informed by her hands-on experience with the care of captive bird species and the banding of wild birds, as well as her adventures birdwatching. Liz is contributing to a range of projects during her residency and is especially excited to be working with the Birds of the World team to complete illustrations for the identification of newly discovered species and recent taxonomic splits.