April – Exploring Equity: A Conversation about DEIJ in K-12 Classrooms

More than ever, conversations are happening about how to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and inclusion (DEIJ) in our society. As educators, we have a special responsibility to consider how our lessons and classrooms affect our students. This webinar will be different from our usual format. Prior to the webinar, everyone will read three short articles to help us build understanding of how to support more inclusive environments across intersections of gender, race, and ability. During the webinar, small and large group discussions will allow us to stretch our thinking, learn and reflect with each other, and consider next steps as individuals.

Note that reading the articles (~45 minutes reading total) prior to attending the webinar is essential to the success.


During this interactive webinar, you will:

  • Discuss article content with other educators in small and large groups. Participants will have the option to join an affinity group for the small group discussions.
  • Brainstorm strategies for building justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into science and nature-based education.

We welcome all educators to join this free webinar. This webinar differs from our usual format and will be an hour and a half long, involving open discussion among participants. Participants will be asked to unmute and share video if they are comfortable and able. Note that to encourage open sharing, this webinar will not be archived. Registration will close one week prior to the webinars. Choose the date that works best for you and register below.