Be an Ambassador

Share Cornell resources with other educators!

Cornell Lab K-12 Ambassadors are passionate educators who share our resources with other educators through professional development. Any educator who has a desire to offer professional development workshops to other educators can apply to receive online training and become Ambassador. This is a free, volunteer-based program for educators who offer a workshop at least once a year.

Who should become an Ambassador?

“I want to help the teachers at my school get kids outside more.”

“I want to provide better support to educators in my city around citizen science and inquiry.”

“I want to offer a workshop at my state science conference around Cornell resources.”

Many of our Ambassadors are classroom teachers, Science/STEM Coordinators, Education Directors, and retired educators who have a passion for birds, connecting kids to nature, citizen science, or science education. If you want to support other educators, become an Ambassador today!

Educators holding bird feeders after receiving them from an Ambassador workshop.

What are the benefits and requirements?

To participate, you must apply to be an Ambassador. You’ll receive free resources to distribute at workshops (such as bird feeders, posters, and curricula), access to exclusive educational content, and regular support in developing and promoting engaging workshops.

We ask that you host at least one workshop a year. After each workshop you’ll need to collect all contact information of workshop attendees, provide post-workshop attendee evaluations, and complete an individual reflection form. These tools are designed to help the K-12 team evaluate and track the progress of the Ambassador program.

As of right now, the program is only offered for educators in the United States. Educators in outside countries may have access to online trainings, but we cannot send materials.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Stephanie Somerville.