December – Gender Equity in STEM


Let’s explore ways to spark girls’ interest and confidence in STEM, especially through citizen-science projects and authentic investigations! You’ll discover  strategies that make STEM more accessible to girls, and think about ways you might create a more gender equitable and culturally responsive learning environment. Of course, these SciGirls strategies support all learners… everyone benefits from a gender equitable approach to STEM!

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the SciGirls Strategies: simple strategies to engage girls in STEM.
  • Gain access to valuable resources you can use right away to nurture a generation of girls in STEM
  • Explore ways that citizen science and inquiry can engage all students.


This webinar is free and open to all educators. This webinar is co-hosted by Katie Hessen, Senior STEM Content & Outreach Specialist with SciGirls.

Choose the date that works for you and register for this webinar below.



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