Discover Birds Kit


Ideal for grades 3-8, the Discover Birds Kit is a perfect activity pack for a fun day outdoors! Learn about birds while playing group games and observing your natural habitat. Three short lessons give kids bird background and cool facts. Whether you are an informal educator looking for summer activities or a classroom teacher trying to introduce birds into your curriculum, the Discover Birds Kit is fun and engaging. Activities are designed to be interactive and fun for groups of 10 or more children. Your kit will include:

  • Three colorful posters
    • Bird Migration
    • Backyard Birds
    • Common Feeder Birds
  • Bird Survivor game cards
  • 10 Bird Bingo game cards
  • Migration Obstacle fun fact cards
  • Three short lessons
    • Bird background
    • Fun facts
    • Life cycles

Kids will have an opportunity to play games throughout the lessons making this kit interactive and engaging. Migration obstacle cards will give educators an opportunity to discuss survival challenges while both the Bingo cards and the Bird Survivor game take students outdoors.

Kids playing migration obstacle

Kids playing migration obstacle game


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