eBird Explorers: Biodiversity Detectives

Explore diversity and become a citizen scientist with this 6-8 grade curriculum!

eBird 6-8 cover titled "eBird Explorers Biodiversity Detectives" It show a girl using her device to discover the wide biodiversity of animals.

By middle school, students crave the opportunity for science that is real and relevant. eBird Explorers: Biodiversity Detectives uses birds and citizen science to help you bring science to life and build connections to your local environment with a global perspective. Aligned to 6-8th grade Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, this dynamic curriculum provides everything you need to teach confidently with eBird while exploring animal evolution and speciation, diversity, and adaptations. We use birds as a hook, utilizing exciting online interactives and hands-on explorations to engage students deeply. Students learn about the power of citizen science and apply their knowledge during bird counts and using real eBird data to discover patterns of migratory and non-migratory birds!

The full kit is available for purchase through NASCO.


Kit includes:

  • Enough materials for a class of 30
  • Life-size bird images
  • Clues to Bird Identification poster
  • Bird Beak lab supplies
  • Lesson plans, handouts, and worksheets