eBird Explorers Curriculum Suite

eBird explorer covers

Teach science content while participating in the eBird citizen-science project with the eBird Explorers curriculum suite! These complete curricula provide educators with fun, hands-on lessons that connect kids to nature through the world of birds. Each grade-band offers youth the opportunity to make careful observations, collect and explore data and patterns, and build STEM practices, all with standards aligned science content. Entire kits with lessons and supplies are available through our partners at NASCO!

K-2: Building Literacy through Nature

This dynamic curriculum features two children’s books that encourage students to observe and describe differences in birds and habitats. Through these lessons, students discover what makes a bird a bird, explore similarities and differences, learn to identify common local birds, and contribute to the eBird database!

3-5: Discover Schoolyard Birds 

This dynamic curriculum builds observation skills by diving into bird ID, bird behavior, and the structure and function of bird feathers through hands-on explorations. Students become citizen scientists by conducting their own eBird walks during which students look and listen for birds, document their sightings, and share their findings.

6-8: Biodiversity Detectives

Aligned to 6-8th grade Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, this dynamic curriculum provides everything you need to teach confidently with eBird while exploring animal evolution and speciation, diversity, and adaptations. We use birds as a hook, utilizing exciting online interactives and hands-on explorations to engage students deeply.

9-12: Monitoring our Changing World

Aligned to 9-12th grade Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, this dynamic curriculum features eight investigations, each with a 50-minute lesson and 90-minute lab. Students will dive into topics of habitat loss, climate change, carrying capacity, and the importance of citizen science.