Free eBird 9-12 Investigation


Explore how and why scientists monitor birds with your free eBird 9-12 investigation!Free ebird 9-12

Set the stage for discussions around birds as bioindicators with your free copy of our eBird Explorers: Monitoring Our Changing World 9-12 lesson. Students will explore habitats and conservation challenges with relevant and engaging activities. Included in the download are Teaching slides and student pages.

This free eBird investigation is a part of a full curriculum that features eight investigations, each with a 50-minute lesson and 90-minute lab. Students will dive into topics of habitat loss, climate change, carrying capacity, and the importance of citizen science. Connect students with meaningful content that feeds their need to relate to their environment while building conservation minded young adults. The full kit will be available for purchase through NASCO in the near future. Stay tuned!

Reference Links

Teaching Slides – PowerPoint

Living Bird – Article

3 Billion Birds – Video


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