Free eBird Lessons

Covers for the eBird Explorers K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Download your free eBird lessons to get a taste of the birding world! The stand alone, comprehensive downloads allows educators an opportunity to explore the new K-12 curriculum suite, eBird Explorers. The complete curriculum provides educators with fun, hands-on lessons that connect kids to nature through the world of birds. Each grade-band offers youth the opportunity to make careful observations, collect and explore data and patterns, and build STEM practices, all with standards aligned science content. Entire kits with lessons and supplies are available through our partners at NASCO!

K-2: Building Literacy through Nature

What is a habitat and what’s in it? Build literacy through habitat exploration with the free eBird Explorers K-2 lesson. The download includes access to a fun and informative video around bird ID.

3-5: Discover Schoolyard Birds 

Build bird identification skills with the free eBird Explorers 3-5 lesson. Learn about color patterns and field marks then take your students outdoors to put their new knowledge to the test. The lesson includes access to eBird data sheet and journal page.

6-8: Biodiversity Detectives

Are birds really dinosaurs? Dive in to adaptation with the free eBird Explorers 6-8 lesson. The download includes access to an online interactive, data sheets, video, and an article to enhance student learning.

9-12: Monitoring our Changing World

Explore how and why scientists monitor birds and the relationship with participatory science projects like eBird. Set the stage for discussions around birds as bioindicators in an ecosystem with the free eBird Explorers 9-12 investigation. The download includes teaching slides and accompanying lab.