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  • free bone identification guide

    Bone Identification

    A mole, a vole or a shrew? What could those bones in your owl pellet possibly be? Download our free bone identification guide to solve the mystery!

  • BeastBox Activity Guide: Calls of the Wild

    The BeastBox game explores how animals use sound to communicate within their ecosystems in a fun and interactive way. This Calls of the Wild activity guide will help educators engage middle school students with the game while addressing key concepts.

  • Science Process

    Investigating Evidence

    Inspire investigations through outdoor observations and citizen science! Investigating Evidence, one of K-12 Education’s most successful free resources, has just been revitalized and is now in line with both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Guidebook

    Explorer’s Guidebook

    BirdSleuth wants to help you get kids outside and enjoying their local parks and natural areas. Take kids on a habitat scavenger hunt, create a sound map, and test bird ID skills with this adaptable activity book.

  • Evolution-Blue bird diversity

    Evolution in Paradise

    Download free lessons that explore the topics of science process, natural and sexual selection, behavior and heritability through hands-on activities and lively discussions.

  • Flap to the Future_no_text

    Flap to the Future

    To supplement Bird Academy’s online game Flap to the Future, we’ve created Jump, Glide, or Fly? Exploring Bird Evolution lesson plan. Lessons and game are free and engaging!

  • tree swallow nest with bird

    Think Outside The (Nest) Box

    Build, install and monitor nest boxes to help your students grasp a better understanding of life cycles. Download the free lessons to accompany the videos and activities.


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