Free Downloads

Adaptable for high school students, these lessons and activities can challenge beginning and advanced learners alike. Free resources allow educators to meet students’ needs in a fun and engaging way.

  • BirdSleuth Investigator 2017
    BirdSleuth Investigator

    Students from around the country love going outside and watching birds. Then they get curious and start asking questions about what they are seeing. Those questions turn into research projects and innovative studies that the students design themselves. We invite…

  • Evolution-Blue bird diversity
    Evolution in Paradise

    Download free lessons that explore the topics of science process, natural and sexual selection, behavior and heritability through hands-on activities and lively discussions.

  • Flap to the Future_no_text
    Flap to the Future

    To supplement Bird Academy’s online game Flap to the Future, we’ve created Jump, Glide, or Fly? Exploring Bird Evolution lesson plan. Lessons and game are free and engaging!

  • ebird 9-12 cover
    Free eBird 9-12 Investigation

    Set the stage for discussions around birds as bioindicators with your free copy of our eBird 9-12 lesson.

  • Science Process
    Investigating Evidence

    Inspire investigations through outdoor observations and citizen science! Investigating Evidence, one of K-12 Education’s most successful free resources, has just been revitalized and is now in line with both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.