Lilly Briggs, Postdoctoral Associate, Education and Citizen Science Programs

I’ve been a Postdoctoral Associate in the Education and Citizen Science Programs since July 2016, a role that builds on my prior position as the International Outreach Coordinator for BirdSleuth K-12. This role emerged from my Masters degree work, which involved adapting and field-testing a Latin American version of BirdSleuth. I’ve since facilitated workshops for educators focused on the implementation of this curriculum and on participation in citizen science through eBird in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru. In 2016, I earned my PhD in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University; my research took place in Guatemala on environmental education and sense of place among Q’eqchi’ Maya communities. These interconnected academic and professional streams have allowed me to enjoy two of my passions – travel and birding in Latin America!