March 21 – Growing a Culturally Responsive Classroom

We all know that diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are important in every classroom. But how do we bring that into our classrooms and programs? Join us in an interactive webinar to learn practical ways to build a more inclusive science classroom or program. In this webinar, we will define culturally responsive teaching, provide strategies that can be incorporated into your setting, and give you time for self-reflection and small group discussions. Be sure to bring paper and pencil. This webinar will include breakout rooms and discussion, therefore it will not be recorded.

A girl sits outside on a sunny lawn drawing a sound map.

In this interactive webinar, educators will:

  • Learn about culturally responsive teaching and associated strategies.
  • Take time to reflect on your own and your students’ culture.
  • Talk with others about what strategies and how you will implement diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into science and nature-based education.

This webinar is free and open to all educators. Register below.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 @ 7:00PM ET.