Do You Hear What I Hear?

Bird of the Month: American Goldfinch

Learn about the American Goldfinch at All About Birds
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Supporting Text: The Backyard Birdsong Guide (West or East) by Donald Kroodsma

Cover of the Backyard Birdsong Guide.
The Backyard Birdsong Guide for Eastern North America cover

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 Engage: Listen and Learn

If you don’t have access to the supporting texts for this month, you can also access thousands of bird songs and calls with Macaulay Library. Some common bird sounds can be found here:

Inquire: Bird Song Hero

Spectrograms provide a great visual when students first start to learn bird song. Bird Academy’s Bird Song Hero is an opportunity for students to test their spectrogram and bird song matching knowledge.

What Can You Hear?

Bird SpeciesSounds like…
Black-capped Chickadee “chicka-dee-dee-dee”
American Crow “caw, caw, caw”
Mourning Dove “hoo-oo, hoo-hoo-hoo”
American Robin “cheer-up, cheer-up”
Northern Cardinal “wa-cheer, wa-cheer”
Blue Jay “jay, jay”
American Goldfinch “potato-chip, potato-chip”
Red-winged Blackbird “o-ka-lee, o-ka-lee”

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