November – Cooped Up Kids? Students Explore STEM Indoors & Out

Discover free age-appropriate “Cooped Up Kids” activities that connect K-8 kids to the outdoors and exciting science content whether in school, remote, or blended. The suite of free lesson plans cover topics such as diversity, life cycles, environmental science, and science practices, and all are tied to NGSS and CCSS standards. Materials are designed to be flexible and are grade-banded (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8), making implementation especially easy.

In this webinar, educators will:

Girl taking notes
  • Discover free hands-on lessons that are tied to the NGSS and Common Core Standards and discuss how to implement them whether learners are at home or in school. 
  • Describe the socio-emotional benefits of place-based outdoor experiences for diverse K-8 students.
  • Learn how to access a variety of free educational interactives, online multimedia resources, and citizen-science projects scaffolded by lessons that are perfect for K-8 settings.

This webinar is free and open to all educators, but is targeted to K-8 educators.

View the archived webinar on YouTube.