Kits & Curriculum Units

Discover adaptable curriculum units and kits that explore science and nature themes inside the classroom and out!

  • get outside
    Discover Birds! kit

    The Discover Birds Kit is a perfect activity pack for a fun day outdoors! Learn about birds while playing group games and observing your natural habitat.

  • free ebird 6-8
    eBird Explorers: Biodiversity Detectives

    By middle school, students crave the opportunity for science that is real and relevant. eBird Explorers: Biodiversity Detectives uses birds and citizen science to help you bring science to life and build connections to your local environment with a global perspective….

  • student binoculars
    Habitat Connections

    Habitat Connection engages kids with their local environment and connects kids to conservation, and habitats near and far!

  • owl regurgitation
    Owl Pellet Kit

    Dissecting an owl pellet is a great way to learn about the different ecological roles organisms play in their environment. Our all inclusive kit challenges students to think critically about these ecological roles and to make evidence-based predictions.

  • Citizen Science book

    Our curriculum book will help you teach through citizen science! The goal of our new book is simple: to inspire you to engage your students through citizen science, thereby connecting students with relevant, meaningful, and real science experiences.

  • Science Process
    Investigating Evidence

    Inspire investigations through outdoor observations and citizen science! Investigating Evidence, one of K-12 Education’s most successful free resources, has just been revitalized and is now in line with both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.