Special Webinar – 3/22/22: Not Another Bar Chart! Teaching Graph Choice

Join us for a special webinar this March with guest presenter Kristin Hunter-Thomson from Dataspire! We will review research on how people learn from data to make instruction more successful. We will rethink the kinds of data we use and the graphs our students make to better set them up for success. We will explore (free) graphing programs specifically designed to get students exploring and graphing data. We will discuss various strategies to use to adjust our own curricula.

Kristin smiling at the camera.
Photo Courtesy of Kristin Hunter-Thomson

Meet Kristin Hunter-Thomson

Kristin has worked in science and science education for 20 years in various locations around the U.S. and abroad. Currently, she runs Dataspire Education & Evaluation, LLC to facilitate data and science education professional learning for teachers in grades 3-16, to develop data-focused educational resources, and to evaluate STEM educational programs. Kristin also is a Visiting Assistant Research Professor at Rutgers University, assists Tuva part-time as a data literacy specialist and professional development consultant, contracts with BrainPOP to build their Data Manipulatives, and writes the Data Literacy 101 articles for the Interdisciplinary Ideas column in NSTA’s Science Scope.

View the archived webinar on our YouTube channel.