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  • Science Process discovery process poster

    K-12 Education Science Process Discovery Poster

    This full-color, 22×17 poster will help your students visualize and get excited about participating in the science process. From coming up with questions, to sharing results, to asking even more curious questions… this poster uniquely illustrates the paths that students scientists can take in making scientific discoveries! This poster is a must-have alternative to the “Scientific Method” posters of the past!  $5.00 in our store.

  • K-12 Education Bird ID Cards

    Each full-color laminated card provides information on one of the 38 most common bird species (click here for a full list of birds). They are a great way to teach bird identification: each child in a group can become an expert on a bird or an individual can quiz herself on the bird names. There are also fun and easy-to-play games suggested, as well as trivia questions and cool facts on every card. $15.95 in our store.

  • Explorer’s Guidebook

    K-12 Education can help you get outside and enjoy both federal lands and local natural areas. Go on a habitat scavenger hunt, create a sound map, and test your bird ID skills with this adaptable activity book designed to be used by families, school groups, or anyone looking for a fun way to connect to nature. Inspired by the Every Kid in a Park initiative and geared towards 4th graders, this step-by-step guide will help you explore our country’s incredible natural areas by introducing you to habitats and the birds that live there. These guidebooks can be downloaded for FREE. You can also order printed sets of 10 or 100 guidebooks available in English and Spanish through our online store.

  • Nature Detective Kit cards

    Scavenger Hunt Cards

    These reusable, dry-erasable cards will help children see their local environment in a new, fun way! Each card contains an image-rich beginner version on one side and an advanced version on the other, great for both younger and older students! Available in English and Spanish in our online store (10 for $10).

  • Bingo Cards

    These reversible, dry-erasable cards will provide an easy and engaging way to encourage young people to find birds and notice their behaviors. Each sheet contains two different bingo cards that will keep children focused and challenged on a nature walk.  Available in Spanish in our online store (10 for $10).

  • K-12 Education Poster 6-pack

    Add beautiful and informative artwork to your educational setting with a 6-pack of posters.  Each packet comes with a BirdSleuth Science Process Discovery poster, a BirdSleuth Backyard Birds poster, a 2-sided Common Feeder Birds of North America poster, a NestWatch Common Nesting Birds poster, a Nature Detectives Seeds & Grains poster, and a Food Web Tangle poster.  Encourage questions and conversation about topics such as bird identification, food preferences, and habitats.  $18.00 in our online store.