Virtual Bird Club

September 24, 2020

Applications for the fall 2020 program are closed.

If your child might be interested in a future Young Birder Club, please fill out this form.


Calling all middle school students who love birds and bird watching! We’re launching an online bird club for young people in grades 5-8. The Club offers young birders the opportunity to connect and socialize with others that share their love of birds. Our meetings will be fun, interactive, and educational.

What might the Club members see, learn, and do? (This is a partial and tentative list because we will survey the club members prior to the first meeting. We want to collaboratively plan meetings based on what these young birders are most excited about!)

  • Meet some live bird ambassadors, hosted by naturalists at the World Bird Sanctuary.
  • Dig deeper into citizen science, focused on eBird and Merlin. Discover tips and tricks to help you take your love of birds and birding to the next level.
  • Meet birders and scientists from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We plan to have a few “meet the scientist” opportunities and a career day showcasing the wide variety of designers, communicators, and engineers at the Lab.
  • Explore owls and their role in the food chain. Dissect an owl pellet and meet an owl.
  • Collaborate on a bird study that examines when and where birds are most active.
  • Tell us about your favorite bird in a culminating presentation.

The Young Birder Club will meet for 10 weeks on Mondays (excluding holidays) at 4pm ET, from November-February. Each meeting will be one hour. Meeting dates are:

  • November 16 and 30
  • December 7 and 14
  • January 4, 11, and 25
  • February 1, 8, and 15

Cost is $200, but need-based scholarships are available to everyone who is accepted and needs financial support. Scholarship application will be made available to accepted students.

Each member of the club will receive an assortment of supplies and information, such as:

  • a pack of Cornell Lab Focus Bird Cards
  • two copies of BirdSleuth Investigator magazine for kids
  • window bird feeder (thanks to our sponsor, Pennington Wild Bird Feed)
  • an owl pellet to dissect

(Final materials and activities will be determined by club members.)

Club applications are due by October 19, 2020. Club size will be limited to 15-20 young birders. We encourage you to tell us about you and your love of birds because we anticipate that applications will exceed our club capacity.


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