Virtual Enrichment Programs

September 1, 2020
Virtual Enrichment Programs

Focus on Nature with Virtual Enrichment Programs!

Keep your kids active and engaged with our virtual enrichment programs this fall! Classes are designed to promote curiosity with engaging educational content and connect kids to nature through hands-on outdoor missions.

Each program will run for five weeks, with one hour-long session each week.  After each session, your child is welcome to stay online for an optional 15-minute, supervised social time where they can ask questions or chat about relevant topics. Most weeks, your child will also be given a “mission,” a fun hands-on project to complete before the next session that challenges them to apply their learning and explore outdoors independently.

Each enrichment program runs for five weeks and cost $50-$60 dollars. Scholarships are available.

Note: To assure that your child has an engaging and socially-connected experience in their program, we will limit attendance to 15-30 participants. Children must currently be in the grade level of the program to register. Registration closes when full; please register early. Enrichment programs are hosted on Zoom, so your child needs to have access to a tablet or laptop with good internet during the program. You will be sent information, including instructor information and a detailed program plan, the week before your child’s program begins.

Choose Your Adventure!

Wild About Art (Grades 2-4; Thursdays at 4:00 pm ET; 5 sessions from November 5 through December 10 – skipping November 26th; $50 registration fee; REGISTER HERE.)
Unleash your creativity… art is all around you! You will use natural materials to make art, photograph nature, draw a plant, and get tips from guest artists that will help you explore your creative side! Share your creations with fellow participants, and have a gallery of your own nature art by the end of the program.

Virtual Bird Club (Grades 5-8; Mondays November-March): Calling all middle school birders! Let’s get together to learn more about birds, socialize with other young birders, and enjoy hearing from experts on the many ways birds are fun and important. Learn more about this program, and apply.


REGISTRATION FULL Amazing Birds of the World (Grades 2-4; Thursdays at 4:00 pm ET; 5 sessions from October 1 through October 29)
Discover the amazing birds of our world, from the wild and wacky, to the strange and beautiful. We’ll explore bird diversity, flight, migration, and extreme survivors. Along the way, we’ll meet live birds including vultures and other raptors. Join with other kids to get to know birds both near and far, and discuss ways to protect them. Presented in partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary, and a special guest from the International Crane Foundation.

REGISTRATION FULL  Animal Communication: Sound & Beyond (Grades 3-5; Wednesdays at 3:00 pm ET; 5 sessions from September 30 through October 28; $60 registration fee)
Nature speaks. Are you listening? From the ocean to the air, from your neighborhood to the arctic, animals are always finding ways to communicate. In this program, you’ll learn to decode their secret messages. Explore how and why animals make sound, discover the warning in an insect’s colors, and learn how animals use their bodies to talk to each other. With the help of ambassador animals like a kookaburra and an Andean Condor, we’ll see animal communication in action, learn what sound looks like, and uncover the many languages of nature. Presented in partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary.


Meet the Instructors

Kelly Schaeffer spent her early career researching birds in the field before becoming inspired to pursue a career in environmental education. She earned MS from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point in Environmental Education and has worked as an educator and naturalist for 9 years.

Taryn Leach is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Zoology, and has been with the World Bird Sanctuary for over a year as a Naturalist, but had spent the past eight years gaining a passion not only for birds, but the natural world as well.  She loves educating visitors and tying all aspects of the natural world together to support the Sanctuary’s conservation message.

Kayla Shelley is an undergraduate student at Cornell University majoring in Animal Science with a minor in education. Kayla is an education intern with the Visitor Center and the K-12 Education department and volunteers with several nonprofit organizations focusing on youth development.



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