Download eBird Data

eBird has open data access products available in several formats that can be helpful in your strategic conservation planning, scientific modeling, and analyzing data from your land trust hotspots. Note: You must have an eBird account and be logged in to request any data downloads.

eBird Status and Trends

eBird Status and Trends provide an unparalleled window into the full annual cycle of bird populations in North America. eBird Status and Trends Data Products include estimates of species ranges, abundances, and environmental associations. The Data Products visualized in the latest version (released in December 2020) are available through an access request form and can be downloaded using the ebirdst R package. To request access to the Data Products, visit Download Status and Trends Data Products.

Female cerulean warbler
Female Cerulean Warbler. Photo Credit: J B/Macaulay Library

eBird Basic Dataset (EBD)

The EBD is a dataset of all raw eBird observations and associated metadata. The EBD is updated monthly (15th of each month), and is available by direct download through eBird to any logged-in user after completion of a data request form. The data request form allows us to gain some understanding of how the data will be used and are typically approved within 7 days. Data is shared in a spreadsheet format. To access the data, fill out an EBD Data Request Form.

Personal eBird Data

To download your own data go to My eBird and then to ‘Download my data’ on the right side. This query generates a spreadsheet with all your personal eBird data. Here is a direct link to download your data.

Learn more about downloading eBird data and other eBird data products available for download.