Multiple Species, Habitats and Miscellaneous Guides

Yellow-breasted Chat by Geoff Hill / Macaulay Library

Bird Death Pipes
Audubon California and Southern Sierra Research Station, 2012.
Fact sheet on wildlife mortality in pipes and solutions.

Bird-friendly Building Design
Sheppard, 2011.

Managing Land in the Piedmont of Virginia for the Benefit of Birds and Other Wildlife
Wolter et al., 2008.

Recommended Production Practices: Managing your Farmland for Waterbirds
Includes guidance for row crops, and specifically for corn, cotton, rice, soybeans, and wheat.

Water for Wildlife – A Handbook for Ranchers and Range Managers
Taylor and Tuttle, 2012.

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Fish & Wildlife Management Leaflets
These are 8-12 page species- or group-specific management guidance. As of 07/06/05 bird accounts include: American Kestrel, Northern Bobwhite, Eastern Bluebird, Grassland Nesting Birds, Lesser Prairie Chicken, Long-billed Curlew, Mountain Plover, Ring-necked Pheasant, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Sage Grouse species, Shorebirds, Wild Turkey, and Wood Duck.

A Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Friendly Fences
Paige, 2012.

Recommendations for Landowners: How to Manage Your Land to Help Birds (Wisconsin, Midwest, and Eastern U.S. edition)
Piaskowski et al., 2008.