Success Stories

There are numerous land trusts that have had exceptional experiences conserving both lands and birds; we interviewed some of these land trusts. Their stories have inspired other land trusts interested in becoming more involved in bird conservation and demonstrated how a land trust can benefit from bird conservation, including which first steps to take. We encourage you to read the stories of the land trusts listed below to learn more about their bird conservation efforts, and what they did to succeed.

  • Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

    SAHC has conserved nearly 800 acres of ecologically significant habitat to provide nesting grounds for birds.

  • Chelan-Douglas Land Trust

    CDLT collects and uses bird survey data to learn how birds use post-wildfire habitats and to inform management practices.

  • Central Colorado Conservancy

    CCC uses eBird and Lewis’s Woodpecker to conserve land and water while inspiring people to engage in restoration and stewardship on private lands.

  • Kennebec Estuary Land Trust

    KELT works with volunteer citizen scientists and eBird to establish bird monitoring programs that inform their conservation and management efforts.

  • Banding event in Charlotte
    Audubon Vermont

    The Golden Chain Project, led by Audubon Vermont, utilizes Golden-winged Warbler conservation as a way to bring together multiple land trusts and potential bird partners around a common theme.

  • Mendocino Land Trust

    Mendocino Land Trust uses eBird, Merlin, and All About Birds to engage their community in citizen science for bird conservation.

  • Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast

    The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast uses the Florida Scrub Jay as a keystone species for public outreach about habitat management and bird conservation in their community.

  • Columbia Land Trust’s East Cascades Oak Partnership

    Columbia Land Trust brings together partners across the East Cascades in Oregon and Washington to shift oak conservation strategies to benefit birds and people.

  • Westchester Land Trust

    Westchester Land Trust uses community partnerships, workshops, and eBird to facilitate conversations about bird conservation in Westchester County, New York.

  • Connecticut Land Conservation Council

    Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice (EDIJ) efforts are an integral component of land conservation work at the Connecticut Land Conservation Council.

  • Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

    Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy implemented low cost, minimal impact forestry practices to restore declining conifer ecosystems for the benefit of multiple species of greatest conservation need.

  • Mississippi Valley Conservancy

    In 2019, Mississippi Valley Conservancy (MVC) spearheaded a collaborative effort to establish the Kickapoo Bird Habitat Initiative (KBHI).