Whether you are looking for an online course or planning educational activities with your students or community, explore our educational programs and download curricula or activity guides.

Educational Programs

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    Bird Academy

    More than 200,000 learners have benefited from Bird Academy’s self-paced, practice-based online courses. Whether you’re looking to learn ID tips and skills, bird biology, or simply want to enrich your appreciation of nature, there’s a course for bird enthusiasts of all levels.

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    K-12 Education

    Our educational materials and professional development opportunities empower educators to engage youth in scientific investigations and projects, igniting a lifelong passion for nature.

Curricula and Activity Guides (Action Guides)

Download our curricula for formal and informal educators, the BirdSleuth International program which offers educator trainings and educational resources, curricula created by Latin-American organizations, and regional action guides created with our fantastic collaborators.

BirdSleuth International Curriculum

Our hope is that the BirdSleuth International curriculum will inspire you and your participants to connect with birds, nature, and conservation. The BirdSleuth International Curriculum contains hands-on educational activities about birds, habitat, participatory science, and conservation. It is divided into 10 easy-to-follow lessons. Click on the button below, answer a few questions, and download the complete curriculum with its supporting materials.

BirdSleuth International Curriculum (English Version)

BirdSleuth International Curriculum (Spanish Version)

BirdSleuth International Curriculum (Portuguese Version)

Peruvian Amazon Action Guide

Celebrate Urban Birds (CUBs) has been working with teachers, community leaders, parents, and students of 55 communities in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon to co-create an in-depth project focused on birds, culture, stewardship and participatory science.

A multi-year collaboration among BirdSleuth staff, CONAPAC (a Peruvian nonprofit organization focused on conserving the Peruvian Amazon), CUBs, and the communities, has resulted in the materials we share below for “Celebra las Aves en la Amazonía Peruana.”

Supporting materials:

Mexican Action Guide

These activities are designed to support educators in formal or informal settings who wish to teach, motivate, and inspire their community to learn about birds, express themselves creatively, and participate in participatory science and conservation. The action guide was co-authored with Mexican coordinators of the Urban Bird Program (PAU) of CONABIO.

Supporting materials:

Colombian Curricula and activity guides

Bird Expeditionary Guide

This fun activity guide was created to help young explorers to learn more about birds and how to watch them while discovering the joy of being close to nature.

Authoring Organizations: Expediciones BIO: Alas, Cantos y Colores, Alexander von Humboldt InstituteNatural Sciences Institute of the National University of ColombiaGrow Colombia and United Way Colombia
Contact: Nelsy Niño-Rodríguez

Elementary School Curriculum: Biodiversity Week

This curriculum includes an educator’s manual and activity sheets about birds and butterflies. Each activity meets the standards of the Colombian Department of Education for science, mathematics, art, Spanish, physical education, and more.

Authors: Natalia Sanz de SantamariaCamila GomezMateo Hernandez and Zoraya Buitrago
Contact Information:
Organizations: SELVA y OpEPA

Flying Come, Flying Go – Bird Conservation in Río Blanco and Manizales

This is an environmental education activity book for teachers in the Río Blanco region and Manizales. It contains educational activities, info cards, worksheets, and regional bird drawings, to promote awareness of local biodiversity and environmental responsibility.

Authors: Christian Devenish and Diana Arzuza Buelvas

BirdSleuth – BirdsCaribbean

Birds are incredible fascinating creatures that can also serve as a way to get children and teens involved in nature and science. The BirdSleuth BirdsCaribbean curriculum was created as part of an educational collaboration for the Caribbean between BirdSleuth Internacional and BirdsCaribbean. The goal of the curriculum is to generate interest in and awareness for birds, participatory science, and conservation. It includes various supporting materials, fun educational activities, games, and more! The curriculum and its supporting materials are available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.