• Studying a cryptic marine mammal species by eDNA

    In the words of The Who, I am reminded of a catchy tune: “Who are you? Who, who, who, who?” As we search for the identity of a mysterious beaked whale, I just can’t help but find this to be the most fitting theme song for my expedition to the central Pacific Ocean. In mid-October,... See More

  • Rumbles in the Jungle: Daniela Hedwig writes from the remote rainforest in central Africa…

    A distant roar echoes through the dim rainforest as I scramble along an ancient elephant path meandering through the understory. Ahead was the reason I swapped my comfortable office at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for a basic camp without electricity and running water – Dzanga bai: a vast forest clearing that is home to... See More

  • Scholarships support international training in bioacoustics

    Twice a year, BRP offers an intensive five-day introductory Sound Analysis Workshop here at the Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca. The aim of the workshop is to train scientists, especially those new to bioacoustics, how to use modern bioacoustic principles and tools properly to address a variety of basic and applied research problems. Since its... See More

  • Smoking Hot Data Pipes

    One of the biggest challenges that the Bioacoustics Research Program faces is moving the huge amounts of data that we collect through our processing pipeline. The sidebar lists some of the data sources we currently employ. Soon, we will start deploying our own very high-frequency Rockhoppers in the Gulf of Mexico. Increased size of output... See More

  • Tale of Two Species

    I’m visiting the Cornell Bioacoustics Research Program (BRP) to learn more about all things acoustics that applies to marine mammal research. Before diving too deep, let me first start by telling you about the kind of work I do back home in India! My research involves studying marine mammals in Indian waters – a beautiful stretch... See More