Training Videos: Sound Analysis Software 

The Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics aims to provide educational and research materials to foster acoustics research and science initiatives around the globe. To supplement instructional educational initiatives through workshops, the Yang Center is pleased to provide complementary training videos and technical tools to support the bioacoustics research community. The library of short video tutorials and tools aid those interested in analysis, visualization, and measurement of animal sounds through use of the Raven bioacoustic analysis software.

Raven video tutorials provide an introduction to the most widely used features in Raven Pro 1.6. If you’re completely new to Raven Pro, we recommend watching the videos in the order listed here. Many experienced Raven Pro users report finding previously undiscovered features and tricks in these videos. Raven Lite users may find these videos helpful as well (although not all of the features described are available in Raven Lite).