Webinar Recordings

  • eBird: Impact

    Taking a deeper dive into eBird data. We will highlight how the sophisticated methodology behind the status and trends models is what makes these applications possible. We will also provide you with an insider’s look at how we are able to…

  • eBird Unscripted

    Chris Wood, Co-Director of the Center for Avian Population Studies and Director of eBird; Alli Smith, Merlin Project Coordinator share the behind-the-scenes of eBird.

  • What Is Next for Merlin—August 24 2023

    Jessie Barry, Program Manager, Alli Smith, Merlin Project Coordinator, and Mike Webster, Director, of Macaulay Library, share the behind-the-scenes of Merlin, how it was developed, where it is going, and the implications for the future. In the last six months, Merlin was number one in the App Store in the reference category, Merlin now covers every species in the world, and after releasing the Indonesia pack, Merlin saw an increase of 4000 new users in one month. What is next for the bird guide that everyone can carry in their back pocket?

  • Legacy for Birds

    If you’ve ever wondered how charitable gift planning might benefit you, your family, and the causes you hold dear, this webinar is for you! We’ll talk about common gifts you can include in your estate plan and about tax-smart gifts you can make now to have even greater impact, along with answering your questions.

  • The Biodiversity Progress Index: Leveraging Data, Science, and Partnerships to Help Bend the Curve for Birds and Biodiversity

    Courtney Davis, Applied Quantitative Ecologist, Amanda Rodewald, Senior Director of Center for Avian Population Studies, and partners share how the Biodiversity Progress Index (BPI) leverages data, science, and partnerships to help bend the curve of declining birds and biodiversity. Have you ever wondered whether conservation and sustainability programs really make a difference? The BPI, a tool developed to measure and evaluate biodiversity using birds as indicators of environmental health, can help us understand.

  • Visitor Center: The Virtual and Physical Front Door to the Lab

    Lisa Kopp, Visitor Experiences Manager, Monique Pipkin, PhD Candidate, and Mya Thompson, Co-Director, Engagement in Science and Nature, share the many ways in-person and virtual visitors connect with the Lab and are inspired to protect birds and biodiversity. Be among the first to take a tour of the plans for the redesigned Visitor Center, and learn how virtual programs connect our community across the globe.

  • Showcasing working landscapes and communities to sustain North America’s grasslands

    Film is powerful in its ability to entertain, inform, and inspire. How can these uses be combined to advance conservation efforts? We will introduce you to the team and mission of the Center for Conservation Media, then take you behind the scenes of our first project focusing on grasslands conservation.

  • Eavesdropping on terrestrial animals: How the Yang Center’s acoustic recording technology advances conservation

    We welcome you to explore the frontiers where bioacoustic technology meets conservation. For centuries, humans have listened to the natural world and the sounds made by animals. Now, acoustic recording technology makes it possible to eavesdrop on nature for prolonged periods even when people are not present, giving us unprecedented ability to understand where and when animals occur, information critical for data-driven conservation.

  • Birds of the World Tour

    For those of you that have never used Birds Of the World (BOW) or would like to learn more about it, please join us for a fun and informative webinar with Brian Sullivan and Laura Kammermeier from our BOW team.

  • Fostering a Conservation Community to Protect Shorebirds and Increase Coastal Resiliency in Latin America with Ian Owens

    Coastal Solutions Fellows program, a highly-successful effort that combines conservation wins for shorebirds – a group that bird research shows are declining rapidly – and training the next generation of conservation leaders in Central and South America. We will share the inspiration behind the Coastal Solutions Fellows Program, our key outcomes, and you will meet the project leader and two fellows who will share their experiences, results, and perspectives.

  • Meet and Greet with Ian Owens

    Meet the Lab’s new executive director, Ian Owens during this meet and greet with the Lab’s Administrative Board and Chairman’s Council.

  • Technology and Conservation – Birds and More

    In this Administrative Board and Chairman’s Council webinar, we describe some work underway that you likely have never heard about before, but which has enormous promise for significant contributions to conservation. During the webinar we visit Panama, Costa Rica, and Bermuda to see examples of how the Lab uses technology and Artificial Intelligence in the field. Please join me, and other Lab leaders, as we experience both terrestrial and aquatic sights and sounds from Central America and Bermuda. We also share the inside (literally!) story of a nocturnal bird that was thought extinct for 300 years, but can now be seen from your own home.