Andrew Leach (2012)

December 4, 2012
Andrew Leach Andrew Leach

Andrew’s skills and background are varied and versatile. He earned a Bachelor of Science in landscape architecture from Temple University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting from the University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown. In 2012 he received a Graduate Certificate in Scientific Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay.

As a small child Andrew drew and painted birds and other animals, but as he grew older he explored other creative fields—craftsman, designer, picture framer, woodworker, registered landscape architect, and fine artist—although his work has always explored the topics of native versus nonnative species, wild habitat loss, and extinction. Andrew’s strong illustration skills and his background in landscape architecture made him ideally suited to create illustrations for experiment set-up and behavioral diagrams for the Lab’s Birds-of-Paradise Project website,,. As an intern, he also did several illustrations for other Lab projects. He then worked part time as an illustrator for the All About Bird Biology website, and is now a freelance illustrator.




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