Benlin Alexander (2013)

Benlin Alexander Benlin Alexander

Benlin has a degree in Fine Arts Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and has worked as a freelancer doing illustrations and paintings for newspapers, Macy’s, games, and the Seneca Park Zoo. Benlin loves to draw and paint, whether he’s portraying people, beautiful landscapes, or wild birds. He invests time in researching his subject to better understand their characteristics, personality, habits, and environment. With this research as a foundation, he uses traditional media to initially draw the subject, and then he scans the drawing and paints it digitally. His digital painting process is similar to traditional oil painting: he creates his own brushes and mixes his own colors, then applies colors from dark to light, allowing some of the drawing to show through to provide a natural texture.

Benlin likes using his art to inspire and motivate others, and as a Bartels intern, he created several drawings to use in membership recruitment materials. “As a Bartels Science Illustration Intern at the Lab of Ornithology,” he said, “I have had the honor of using my art to inspire others.  It is my hope that my work will lead the viewer to take a new interest in the natural world.”



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