Jane Kim (2011)

Jane Kim
Jane Kim

Jane Kim came to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology after graduating from the Science Illustration program at the California State University, Monterey Bay. Her highly accurate and detailed drawings are also beautifully artistic. In addition to some concept illustrations for the third edition of the Handbook of Bird Biology, Jane created several technical illustrations showing how a transmitter is attached to a Bar-tailed Godwit. These illustrations were then animated and used in a video about Bar-tailed Godwit migration. As a Bartels Illustrator, one of her most memorable experiences was learning how to prepare specimens. She believes that there is no better way to learn anatomy than by handling a real specimen. 

After leaving the program, Jane established herself as a freelance illustrator, specializing in murals. In 2012, she officially launched an art studio called InkDwell. One of the studio’s first commissions was From So Simple a Beginning: The Evolution and Diversity of Birds (also known as “The Wall of Birds”) at the Cornell Lab.

Jane credits the Bartels Science Illustration Program as being foundational to her career as visual artist and science illustrator. Her experience at the Cornell Lab further cemented her passion to approach art with curiosity, to seek scientific expertise, and to spread knowledge and wonder. Jane and InkDwell have continued to create art to inspire people to love and protect the natural world through murals, books, products, and lectures.