Ann-Kathrin (Fritzi) Wirth (2011)

Fritzi Wirth Fritzi Wirth

Fritzi is a biologist, naturalist, and artist from Luxembourg. She has an M.S. from Exeter University, Cornwall, in Biodiversity and Conservation, and an M.A. in Visual Design as Creative Practice from Blackpool & The Fylde College. As an artist, she strives to use her skills to create beautiful works that share her fascination and interest in the natural world, and also promote awareness and concern for endangered species. Combined with her enthusiasm for working at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, these qualities made her an ideal candidate for the Bartels Science Illustration program. She was responsible for the cover art and interior illustrations for the Best Management Practices for Golden-winged Warbler Habitat in the Great Lakes Region, a graphic for the Athena Fund, and several other illustrations. Fritzi also painted the Cedar Waxwing that is featured on our mug and tote as membership premiums. She is currently living in Luxembourg and working as a freelance illustrator.




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