Megan Bishop (2018)

Megan Bishop
Megan Bishop

Although birds were a focal point for Bishop as a child, she eventually went on to enroll as a botany student at Humboldt State University where she worked with scientists both as a researcher and illustrator, sharing her interest in the sciences with others through her favorite form of communication, art. When some of the illustrations that she created at Humboldt were published in a scientific journal, the realization that she could use her illustration skills to provide an educational service motivated her to change gears and pursue science illustration seriously. After graduation she enrolled in the Science Illustration Program at California State University, Monterey Bay, where many of her illustrations were focused on plants and birds, and she developed a love for grebes and scratchboard technique.

Bishop has had experience working with scientists, and this has helped her understand the value of asking incisive questions, doing thorough research, and ensuring scientific accuracy. In addition to science and illustration, Bishop has expertise in several other areas—violin, Russian language, ceramics, and teaching—all of which enable her to enhance her illustrations to reach a wider audience

As a Bartels Illustrator, Bishop created art for Living Bird (including several illustrations for a feature on the birds of winter), an illustration of jays for a mug used as a membership premium, and an illustration for the Lab’s 2018 holiday card.