Phillip Krzeminski (2018)

Phillip Krzeminski
Phillip Krzeminski

Phillip is a knowledgeable naturalist and a talented science illustrator with strong visual communication skills. The extent of his knowledge, expertise, and experience is considerable: after developing his artistic skills in college, he taught art at a public high school. As a skilled metalworker and carpenter, he managed a blacksmith business and then went on to work for the Yale-Peabody Museum of Natural History, where he sculpted nearly a dozen models of birds to help restore the museum’s Connecticut Bird Hall and North American Dioramas. After deciding to pursue a career in science illustration, he attended and graduated from the Scientific Illustration program at California State University, Monterey Bay.

As an active volunteer in the scientific community, Phillip has worked for the National Audubon Society creating print and web-based promotional materials, caring for animals, and assisting with bird-banding initiatives. He has also participated in numerous citizen-science projects and has worked as a docent for the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in California.

As a Bartels Illustrator, Phillip created an illustration for the cover of the June 2018 issue of Current Biology to accompany an article that proposed how birds evolved after the End-Cretaceous extinction event; illustrations for Living Bird; and several illustrations for  hands-on exhibits in the Lab’s visitor center.