Pedro Fernandes (2007)

Pedro Fernandes
Pedro Fernandes

Pedro, an illustrator from Portugal, received his training from the Scientific Illustration Graduate Certificate Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. For his primary project, he created two posters for the Lab’s NestWatch citizen-science project. For these, Pedro painted 75 birds using an unusual technique of pencil and gouache on translucent Mylar paper, adding details with colored pencils. Pedro and his special technique were featured in a video made at the Lab about the Bartels Science Illustration Program. 

After completing the Program, Pedro taught a Masters-level course on Science Illustration and offered a workshop in science illustration and sketching. He has participated in citizen-science projects and bird-monitoring projects around the world (United States, Turkey, Morocco, and Croatia), and has served as the editor for eBird Portugal. He has been prolific as a freelance artist, illustrating the Birds of the Azores, as well as European and West African species. In <year> he created illustrations for the Cornell Lab Publishing Group’s All About Backyard Birds field guide series. 

Pedro lives in Croatia where he teaches, participates in urban sketching and science illustration workshops, and continues to watch and paint birds.

Online work

Watch this video showing Pedro at work on the NestWatch posters.