Natalie Koscal (2009)

Natalie Koscal Natalie Koscal
As a student of Biology at Cornell University, Natalie felt at home as a Bartels Science Illustrator, where she was able to employ her skills and knowledge of both art and science, her two life-long passions. As a Bartels Illustrator, she produced paintings for a poster on Bird Identification that was published in the Lab’s newsletter Birdscope, as well as two watercolor paintings for the Elephant Listening Project. Natalie then received her M.S. in Medical and Scientific Illustration through the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2013. Currently, she is a Senior Medical Illustrator at The New England Journal of Medicine, where she has worked since graduation. She also takes on freelance illustration work in her spare time. Natalie uses her strong knowledge of human anatomy and biology to create highly accurate, didactic, and detail-oriented illustrations that help visually teach complex scientific concepts, illustrate specific medical cases, and explain new developments in research. She has a solid grasp of traditional media, but has gained great proficiency in digital media, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which have become the predominant fixtures in her artistic workflow. In recent years, she has also become adept at creating 2-D animations that make learning fun, clear, and easy to grasp. Her work can be viewed online and in print and online publications of The New England Journal of Medicine.



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