Reyn Ojiri (2012)

Renn Ojiri
Reyn Ojiri

Reyn, a native of Hawaii, obtained his bachelor’s degree in Plant and Environmental Biotechnology from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa and then attended the Graduate Certificate Science Illustration Program at California State University Monterey. He is particularly interested in scientific illustration of birds because of the role it can play in promoting conservation in Hawaii, his home. The Bartels program was important to Reyn’s art career by allowing him to work with staff in a professional capacity and by providing an opportunity to collaborate and work together with scientists to complete projects. He also obtained more experience working with digital art, and has since continued to hone his skills with traditional painting and drawing media. 

As a Bartels Science Illustrator, Reyn’s main project was to create a cover illustration for the Best Management Practices for Golden-winged Warbler Habitat in the Appalachian Region, an important document helping land managers manage habitat for the declining Golden-winged Warbler. He also produced the illustrations for the Creating a Garden for Birds BirdNote, a challenging project that required a detailed, full-page illustration. 

Reyn lives in his hometown of Hilo, HI, where he paints birds, focusing on native Hawaiian wildlife. He sells his paintings in galleries and through contacts in Hawaii. In 2016 he entered a juried art contest in Hawaii and won “Best of Show” for his painting of the Alalá, which was also featured in the Gallery section of Living Bird in 2018. After returning home, Reyn decided to obtain a Master’s degree in teaching. He currently teaches third grade at a public school in Hilo, integrating art into his class as much as possible.