Vera Ting (2023)

Vera painting at desk
Vera Ting

Vera is an illustrator with a background in avian biology and ecology. Her artistic practice is informed by experience in ecological field work, scientific specimen preparation, and research in avian morphology. She sees illustration as an important medium connecting people and nature, where both artist and viewer can form personal bonds with subjects through close observation. Her work seeks to reveal the hidden world of museum research collections using art and storytelling.

Vera holds a B.S. with honors from the University of Michigan, where her thesis examined the variation in Yellow Warbler wing structure and shape across the Americas. As a Bartels Science Illustrator, Vera has created illustrations for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch program, Living Bird magazine, membership products and more. Her illustration practice has taken her to the wetlands of northern Michigan and to the deserts of western Texas, where she created documentary field sketches for the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates. When not making art, she may be found in the specimen prep lab amongst friends and study skins, or outside catching dragonflies.