Virtual Lab: Sound Analysis Principles

These materials are designed to provide essential background in bioacoustics concepts and to teach skills for the analysis of natural sounds. The following videos and exercises use Raven Pro 1.6 software and assume a general familiarity with Raven. To learn the basic mechanics of the software, please begin by watching the Raven tutorial videos, available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Hindi. For additional information on installing and using Raven, please see the Raven Knowledge Base.

This virtual curriculum is abstracted from our more extended in-person workshops. We are continuing to develop virtual offerings. Please check back regularly for additional updates and materials. If you have feedback or questions, please contact us at

NOTE: If YouTube is not readily accessible based on your location, all the instructional videos linked below are also visible on our Vimeo channel.

External Resources

Below we provide a link to a page containing additional resources for learning about acoustics and sound analysis. These are links from outside resources. CCB is not responsible for the maintenance, security, and contents of these external resources.

Training Topics

Field Practicalities

Sound Analysis Topics

Customizing Raven

  • Preferences, selection labels, color schemes (In development)