Our mission is to serve conservation partners using the power of visual media to translate science and inspire action.

A close-up of a critically endangered Philippine Eagle. Photo by Neil Rettig.

Our Work

Life on our planet is threatened by climate change and biodiversity loss, yet those who are in a position to take action often lack the information needed to address these crises. Overcoming barriers to action requires communications expertise and resources to mobilize people from local communities to key decision-makers.

We serve conservation partners by combining natural-history filmmaking, the latest science, and strong relationships with stakeholders to produce solutions-oriented media.

We identify urgent issues where science is under-utilized, forge alliances with conservation leaders around the U.S. and the world, collaborate to understand target audiences and outcomes, and freely disseminate these media assets, translated into local languages, to groups connected to the conservation issue.

  • Greater Sage-Grouse in winter scape, Sublette County, Wyoming.
    Protecting Habitats and Species

    By applying stunning cinematography to tell conservation stories, our films draw attention to unique ecosystems, the irreplaceable benefits they provide, and the threats facing them. We also help motivate conservation work safeguarding flyways, habitats, and species. Explore projects by clicking the links.

  • Migration routes of four Egyption Vultures set on map of North West Africa and the Middle East.
    Bringing Science to Stakeholders 

    By translating the latest science and tailoring productions for “audiences of influence,” we contribute resources that partners use to secure protection for declining species and threatened flyways. Our productions help decision-makers who typically do not consider wildlife in planning efforts understand the links between biodiversity protection and human needs, such as pollution and pandemic prevention. See our work by clicking the links.

  • Conservationist Ren Noe Soe with binoculars near Nan Thar Island, Myanmar.
    Amplifying Voices

    By highlighting diverse stakeholders and bringing underrecognized voices to the conversation, we contribute to better conservation solutions through knowledge-sharing and increased regard for on-the-ground groups. We profile perspectives and experiences of people across the conservation world. Screen examples by clicking the links.

  • School children being educated about Greater Adjutants that nest in in their village. Dadara, Assam, India.
    Inspiring the Next Generation

    By working with both external and within-Lab partners, we make pieces that engage with and inspire youth , early professionals, and future bird protectors. Across cultures and disciplines, we help foster communities of emerging conservation leaders. View productions by clicking the links.

Featured Projects