Safeguarding the Helmeted Hornbill—A Living Treasure, and a Target of Poachers

Conservationist Yoki Hadiprakarsa and members of Rangkong Indonesia take photojournalist Tim Laman deep into Indonesian rainforest to film a Helmeted Hornbill nest, and to explore the critical issue of hornbill poaching.

The Helmeted Hornbill is one of 57 hornbill species in Africa and Asia. It’s found only in the lowland forests of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and southern Thailand. These breathtaking birds have a casque—the horny helmet above the beak—which is softer than ivory and easily carved. Poachers kill the birds to sell the casques which are in high demand in Asia for beads, pendants, and intricate works of art.

Because of illegal poaching, Helemted Hornbills are now critically endangered. Your support enables our Conservation Media program to raise urgent awareness of the plight of hornbills and other imperiled birds in order to stem their declines.

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