How To Apply

Call for 2022-2023 Applicants!

We will be accepting students in Spring 2022. For more detailed instructions, please read through the information, below.


The Hubbard Brook Field Ornithology Program is open to Cornell undergraduates in their first, second or third years. This provides time to develop a research project before going into the field during the spring semester, learn field techniques and apply them to a research question during the summer, and return in the fall semester to learn data management and analysis and prepare a first-authored manuscript in the spring semester.


During each semester of the academic year, you will register to earn 2-3 research credits in BIOG 2990/4990. During the summer months, the Hubbard Brook Field Ornithology Program provides a weekly stipend and housing at the Likens Conservation Campus on Mirror Lake for 12 weeks.

The Program

Our goal is to expose you to the full research process, from project conception and design through field training, data collection and analysis to writing up your project as a first-authored manuscript to submit to a scientific journal. Research is fundamentally time-intensive. You will need to be able to dedicate 8-10 hours a week during the academic semesters.

Each year we support 4 students. Each of you will lead your own independent research project and assist each other. The goal is for each of you to produce a scientific manuscript from your work and for you to be co-authors on each other’s work. You will also work together to develop and participate in an outreach project to broaden the impacts of your bird research to the Hubbard Brook and Ithaca communities.

During each semester of the program, you will be expected to:

  • Participate in weekly lab meetings with the Hubbard Brook Research Team to discuss past and current bird research at Hubbard Brook, share research ideas, and participate in professional development activities
  • Meet with the Program Director every other week to share progress on your research project