Anna Rettberg (2014)

Anna Rettberg Anna Rettberg

Anna is an illustrator from upstate New York. She graduated in 2012 from Syracuse University’s illustration program where she worked on a wide range of projects, from children’s books and visual development to logo design. Her love of birds led her the Bartels Science Illustration program where she created works for Bird Cams, BirdSleuth, NestWatch, All About Bird Biology, and the Membership department in her engaging, playful, graphic style. Anna creates her works by making a pencil sketch, first scanning it, and then adding final color and texture in Photoshop. She now lives in Seattle, Washington, where she is the lead character artist at game developer Molly Rocket. In her free time she hikes in the Cascades and tries to familiarize herself with the birds of the Pacific Northwest.



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